Buy 20ft open top container online

Buy 20ft open top container online

Buy 20ft open top container online

Open Top & Reefers

Open Top Containers - Royal Wolf - Open Top Shipping Containers

PFC offers a selection of Open Top Cargo Containers.  These are designed to simplify the process of loading and unloading cargo by allowing access from above (via crane) or via side doors.  A selection of hard lids and soft covers are available.

Open top containers make ideal storage for items that cannot be loaded through standard shipping container doors, open top shipping containers are usually loaded from above using a crane and are generally sold for shipping purposes.

Refrigerated shipping containers (reefers) are also available with and without the refrigeration equipment. Contact us for more details.


Buy 20ft open top container online

20FT Original Open Top Container

This 20ft new open-top container is available for sale and delivery US, UK-wide.

Open top containers do not have the conventional steel corrugated container roof. Instead, they have removable bows and a weatherproof tarpaulin which can be secured with ropes. This significantly simplifies the loading and unloading process which is usually done by a crane from above. The door header (above the door) can also be swung round / removed to allow easy access for the cargo.

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The original 20ft open top container is suitable for the transport of products of an extraordinary size. For example, larger machines or equipment. The container is suitable for loads with a flexible height, in addition, the handling can be done with a crane or a forklift truck. The container can be sealed with a tarpaulin on the top.

Open top containers are ideal for the movement of machinery. The container must be shipped with the bows and tarpaulin which also provide some strength. If the machinery is over height then usually you will need to use a flat rack container that has no roof at all. Lashing rings are provided for securing the load during transport.

20ft Open Top Shipping Container | MC Containers


  • Removable roof
  • Lashing rings enable cargo to be secured


  • Removable roof allows for craneage of large or heavy items from above

A smaller 40ft open top container is also available for sale.

Rainbow Containers: GENERAL INFO

Product Specifications

All units are stackable where deck space or yard space is at a premium. Container World Offshore open-top containers are supplied with cargo nets or tarpaulins. The base has integrated forklift pockets for ease of yard loading and offloading. Open top containers can also be provided with a side door opening option to enable safe loading and unloading of materials or equipment. Internal tie-down points throughout the interior provide strong points to secure cargo.


An open-top container is typically available in a 10ft 20ft & 40ft length. This specialized piece of equipment has standard cargo doors to one 8ft end and an open roof which can be covered with tarpaulin for safe transit of goods. The tilt is then supported by 19 roof bows. The rear header on the open-top container can be removed or swung to allow easy entry of oversized cargo. Open top containers are mainly available as used units and Lion Containers currently have them available nationwide. The predominant uses that we supply open-top containers for are:

  • To store oversized equipment that cannot fit into a standard 8ft 6ins high or high cube 9ft 6ins high container.
  • Process Enclosures.
  • Generator and Equipment Enclosures.
  • Shipping.

Open Top Shipping Containers

Our open-top containers are a specialized shipping option, ideal for particularly large cargo, or items that are difficult to load in from the side.

Flexible Loading and Shipping

Manufactured to the same specification as our standard shipping containers, our open-top range has had the metal roof removed from the container, replaced with a tarp roof instead. This gives you complete flexibility when it comes to loading cargo.

They are available in 20ft and 40ft lengths, so are suitable for most types of shipping and storage, as well as for bespoke purposes. Wind and watertight, they are designed to protect against weather damage, and multiple lashing points make transportation simple.

Open top shipping containers

Open Top Container Applications

The nature of the open-top container means it’s ideal for loading particularly big or bulky cargo, or for items that have additional height. We recommend choosing this type of container if you are transporting seeds, grains, stone, or timber, as these items can be loaded in easily from the top.

20ft Open Top Container Dimensions

20ft Open Top Shipping Container | MC Containers

Delivering Your Container

We have a small team of trusted haulers working for us here in the UK. Deliveries normally take place between 7 am-8 pm, Monday to Friday, however, we can work outside of these times if so wished. We also provide site visits to those more tricky delivery areas. We have depots in the East Midlands, East of England, London, North East England, North West England, Scotland, South East England, South West England, Staffordshire, West Midlands, Wales, and Yorkshire and Humber. Please read our container delivery terms and conditions for further information. If your container is being shipped, please read more about container shipping


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