buy 40ft Refrigerated container online

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buy 40ft Refrigerated container online

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buy 40ft Refrigerated container online

New & Used Refrigerated Containers

Portable cold storage containers delivered to you


We offer portable refrigerated containers to be used as cold storage lockers for your temporary or permanent cold storage needs with our new and used refrigerated containers. They are an economical alternative to conventional walk-in coolers and freezers. Whether you are interested in renting or buying, our portable refrigeration warehouses can be delivered to your site within days.

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Our factory-installed high cube cold storage refrigerated containers provide stable temperatures from -20°F to 70°F and the lowest humidity available in the refrigerated industry. The 40′ refrigerated container is the longest and tallest refrigeration unit in our inventory. It is also known as reefer or cold storage. Easily purchase refrigeration container to secure the success of your business.

  • 5-year warranty on new machinery and 10 years on new 40ft cold storage refrigerated container shell
  • 30-day warranty on used or refurbished machinery and 5 years on used 40ft cold storage refrigerated container shell

40′ x 8′ Hi-Cube Non-Operational Refrigerated Container. Machinery removed. Available nationwide.

Limited Stock


buy 40ft Refrigerated container online

Refrigerated storage containers has been selling and renting out refrigerated containers to organic farmers, wineries, breweries, florists, butchers, schools, county fairs, meat processing plants, farmers market growers, dairies, biotech operations, and restaurants.

Container Projects LLP

All of our units have aluminum exterior paneling, high-density lightweight polyurethane foam wall construction, stainless steel interior walls and ceiling, and an aluminum T-rail floor.

Our courteous and experienced staff can assist you in choosing the right refrigerated container for your particular application. These 20′ and 40′ long cold rooms can be set up as either freezers or chillers. And because they are equipped with adjustable temperature settings from -20 to +70 degrees Fahrenheit they can accommodate a wide variety of temperature-sensitive perishables.

40 Below Freezer Container Compact Mobile Cold Storage -40°C Reefer Container

Visit our products page and look over some of the different types, sizes, and capacities. Our used refrigerated containers are the perfect solution for some customers, while our new refrigerated containers might be the right long-term solution for others. Our NEW 20′ & 30′ long Single Phase units offer the ideal cold storage solution and with its powerful commercial refrigeration system, it is the most quiet and energy-efficient portable refrigerated locker in the world. This unit is now NSF Certified.


Our insulated shipping containers are a refrigerated container with a non-working reefer unit. They are often used in hot weather climates, when third-party cooling units are installed, or when storing produce, wine or citrus is needed at a mild temp. | 2006 MAERSK 40FT Online Auctions

40ft cold storage refrigerated container standard features:

  • Contemporary insulation factors
  • Interior temperatures from -20°F to 70°F
  • “On-demand” defrosting assists – avoids unnecessary heat supply
  • Voltages 460V or 230V with optional transformer


A shipping container is a much more affordable cold storage solution than building a permanent cold storage structure. Dollar for dollar, a portable refrigerated cargo container costs on average less than a third of what a new building would cost to construct.


Not only are sea-train reefers more affordable, they are built to last a very long time (think over a decade at sea being exposed to the elements) and can be moved very easily (tow truck or forklift) from one site to the next, out of the way when not needed, and turned off and on with the click of a button. No site preparation is needed other than having a level surface and they can be delivered usually within a couple of days.

Sizes available

Our units come in two sizes – 20′ and 40′ long. The 40′ containers are readily available for purchase and rent. 20′ units are currently not for sale and only available for rent.

Power supply

Our reefers are most often equipped with Carrier or Thermo King refrigeration units and come with two main power supplies, 460v 3Ø and 220v 3Ø. We also have custom-built units that work off of 220v 1Ø.


40 ft Long 8 ft Wide Grey Steel Refrigeration / Refrigerated / Reefer Container Second Hand (ref 2241) - Store From Ainscough Metals


Inside Length: 38’

Inside Width: 7’6″

Inside Height: 8’3″

Door Opening: 7’4″W x 8’H

Empty Weight: 10,400 lbs.

Cubic Capacity: 2,340t ft.

Outside Length: 40”

Outside Width: 8′

Outside Height: 9’6″

Purchase cold storage refrigerated containers for extreme conditions. provides reliable, best in class cold storage and  freezer containers to corporations, farmers, governments, and medical institutions, such as:

40ft cold storage refrigerated container for sale near me | Conexwest

  • Seafood and meat processing.
  • AID, Government, and Military.
  • Chemical and petrochemical.
  • Freight forwarders.
  • Offshore industry, gas & oil companies.
  • Pharmaceutical & medical institutions
  • and more

We offer GSM Communication for remote data transfer and system troubleshooting and Global System integration for Mobile Communications. All containers include an evaporator fan designed for high pressure-temperature drops.

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Anatomy of a Cold Storage Refrigerated Container.
A cold storage refrigerated shipping container is designed to withstand extreme conditions while also maintaining stable temperatures inside, so they require specially designed parts to function correctly.
For instance, the walls of a refrigerated container are made of sandwiched stainless steel sheeting, with an added foam insulation in the middle, as well as aluminum sheeting.
This insulation can be very useful when you need your container to be well-protected against weather conditions outside.
The steel is usually smooth, unlike in many other types of containers, providing a different look which could be a benefit in some situations.
As you can imagine, the multiple sheets of steel, as well as the insulation, make for thicker walls, but at, we have the technology to safely and effectively cut through the walls and create windows and doors according to your needs.
In cold storage refrigerated shipping containers, the walls can also be used for installing electrical outlets and plumbing fixtures. By removing the insulation in selected areas, we can customize the electricity and plumbing to suit various needs.
These types of refrigerated or freezer shipping containers usually contain aluminum floors that can not only withstand heavy-duty traffic but are also easy to customize.
Another distinguishing feature of frozen shipping containers is that they always have refrigeration equipment that can control the temperature inside and offer ranges anywhere from -60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on the specific type of reefer container you end up choosing.

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This advanced temperature control system is the main difference between a refrigerated cargo container and a regular one, which can be incredibly useful in some situations.

Whether you’re a restaurant that needs additional storage for refrigerated or frozen goods, a food bank, or someone who just needs to store materials in a stable environment, these types of refrigerated cargo containers can be an excellent option.
As we’ve already discussed, they are a bit more advanced than regular containers since they need to provide insulation and temperature control functionality. This is simply not necessary in a regular shipping container.
When converting a container to your needs, having these additional features can be a huge benefit, especially if you entrust an experienced company like to do the customization.

Used 20 Foot - Refrigerated Shipping Containers For Hire - Container Traders options.
At Conexwest, we have a solid selection of shipping containers for sale that can help you find the right cold storage refrigerated shipping container for your needs.
Our containers vary in size, as well as in the temperatures that they can sustain, and all of them can be further customized to fit your requirements.
The two standard sizes of containers are 40 ft and 20 ft, and we can help you figure out which length suits your needs better.
Also, depending on your budget, we have a selection of new, refurbished, and used cold storage refrigerated shipping containers for sale, all of which have their own benefits.
Finally, our refrigerated containers can offer stable temperatures anywhere from -20 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit.
If you want to learn more about the specific models that we have available, each of our refrigerated containers has extensive manuals on our website. You can check them out here:

Reefers / Refrigerated Containers from 1st Containers

  • 20′ Single Phase Cold Storage Container
  • 20’ Refrigerated Container
  • 40’ Refrigerated Container

These pages contain all the essential information about our cold storage refrigerated shipping containers for sale, and if you’d like any additional information, you can always reach out to us via phone or our online form. We’ll answer any questions you might have.

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    I saw , its very good for winter

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    Best thing I did this year!

    This storage container is what I’ve always needed and didn’t know it. It has solved so many problems I had with lack of storage space. I was always looking for a place to put something and even considered selling my house. Now I have loads of storage space! Loving the service from Conex Depot too – the purchase was so easy!

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