Buy 40ft shipping container online

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Buy 40ft shipping container online


buy 40ft shipping container online

                     New Or Used
  • See details for delivery est.
  •  • New – Open box condition
  •  • 30 day returns – Buyer pays return shipping
New or as they are also called “one-trip” containers, these containers have taken only one trip from the factory in Asia with cargo. This is the best quality on
40ft Shipping Containers Sale
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buy 40ft shipping container online

Do you want to buy a shipping container, or multiple shipping containers? A shipping container, or dry van container, is mostly used for transportation purposes. Nowadays, however, used shipping containers are commonly used for storage purposes. These types of containers are suited for transporting goods through road, railway or over water.

Container types and dimensions

When you buy a shipping container through one of our depots, you can choose from our current offer on our website. These are usually available in the sizes 10ft (foot), 20ft, and 40ft. In our overview of shipping containers, you can find many different containers in a number of different sizes. You can find every dimension and specification with each individual container.

Buying a shipping container at post first class the purchase of a container with a CSC-certification. This means that all containers are certified and safe for transportation.

In our overview, you can find containers in A- or B-category. When a container has an A-category qualification, this means the container is new (or practically new). For example, a restored or renovated container is also qualified as A-category. Containers in the B-category are used and have visual signs of usage, but are more favorable in price.

All containers are made of steel but have different features, like the material of the floor or the height (for example a high-cube container). Above all, containers can be fully modified to exactly fit your needs.

Buy 40ft Shipping Container online

Buy 40ft shipping container online

Are you looking to purchase shipping containers and you want it to be delivered to a specific location? No problem! Through our vast network of international transportation companies, we can let your container (or multiple containers) be delivered to any location in the world.

Before you decide upon buying a shipping container you are probably interested in the costs. Therefore, we make it possible to request a quote online. Choose the container type, the number of containers you want to buy, and specify any special requests for modification and delivery. We will send you a personal price indication within 3 working days!

Buy 40ft shipping container online high cube (9´6 high) New “One-trip” shipping container,

Buy safely through

If you are looking to buy used (or new) shipping containers, Boxhub is making it possible to buy containers directly from the Owners (shipping line, leasing companies, and wholesalers).

Buy 40ft shipping container online

40ft High cube (9´6 high) 

New “one-trip” shipping container
Your Order

Size: 40ft High cube (9’6 high)

Type: Dry container

Condition: New “one-trip”

Delivery: Please call/ write to arrange

New (“one-trip”)

New or as they are also called “one-trip” containers, these containers have taken only one trip from the factory in Asia with cargo. This is the best quality on the market and ready for any purpose including shipping, storage, or modification into any use. You should select this option if an as-new physical appearance is important, or you need to ship or export cargo.

Buy 40ft shipping container online

Conditions – what to expect

We want to make sure that you know exactly what you get when ordering a shipping container from Boxhub. The choice that is right for you depend on the specific purpose.

If physical appearance is key, then a new (one-trip) container is the right choice. If you need the container for transporting goods or international exports, you will need a cargo-worthy container.

If you are looking for a storage container, a “wind & watertight” container will likely be sufficient. Finally, if you are building a pop-up bar or similar which requires a lot of cutting and welding, then an “as-is” container might be good enough.

Below is an overview of what you can expect when you buy one of the four grades from Boxhub:

Buy 40ft shipping container online

Buy 40ft shipping container online


When selecting the right container for your need, it is also important to make sure that it is big enough for your need, and can store enough weight. Below is a simple overview of the dimensions of the most common container sizes name “20ft standard”, “40ft standard”, “40ft high cube” and “45ft high cube”

If you need delivery;

post first class will arrange delivery directly to your site. We have agreements with 3rd party trucking companies in all locations, ensuring that you get the best possible deal also on the delivery.

We typically arrange delivery on either tilt-bed or roll-off trucks. If you have your own crane, we can also arrange delivery on flat-bed trucks which could potentially be a cheaper option. Our customer service will get in contact with you after placing the order to arrange details regarding delivery.

Buy A Container- 40ft ContainersBuy 40ft shipping container online

If you want to pick-up yourself;

If you have your own trucking solution, it is also possible to pick-up the container yourself at the container depot free of charge.

Cancellation and refunds

Depending on the stage of the order we will provide a refund of the purchase price according to the following rules:

  • Before we have accepted your payment, you can cancel at any time at no cost.
  • If we have accepted your payment, but have not yet processed your order, you will also receive a 100% refund (less banking fees)
  • If we have already processed your order, we will charge a 10% re-stocking fee and any charges for shipping/ trucking/ surveys/ storage and banking fees are non-refundable. In this case, “processed” means that the container has been made available to you in the depot

Buy 40ft shipping container online

In case you need to cancel it’s always best to reach out to us immediately, and we will do our best to help you.

  • Terms of sale,

    Buy 40ft shipping container online

These container sales terms (the “Terms”) set out the terms on which Seller agrees to sell and Buyer agrees to buy the containers (hereafter “Equipment”) described in the invoice issued by the Seller to the Buyer (the “Invoice”).

  • Transfer of Risk and Transfer of Ownership

Unless otherwise agreed, all sales are made “ex-works” meaning the container yard or storage depot where the Equipment is sold from.

Upon payment of the full purchase price, the Seller shall send a release confirmation to the Buyer notifying the Buyer to take possession of the Equipment from the container yard or depot where it is located (hereinafter referred to as the “Release Confirmation”).

40ft shipping container for sale near me

The date on which either the payment of the full purchase price is made or the Seller sends the Release Confirmation to the Buyer, whichever occurs first, shall hereinafter be referred to as the “Sale Date”. On the Sale Date, all title and risk in and to the Equipment shall be transferred to the Buyer.

  • Pick-up, Storage, and Handling

Unless otherwise agreed, the Buyer must contact Boxhub to confirm accessibility of the Equipment and arrange a time to pick-up the Equipment from the container yard or depot. Any delays or costs resulting from Equipment not being accessible for pick-up shall be the sole responsibility of the Buyer.

The Seller grants the Buyer a pick-up period of fourteen (14) days from Sale Date to pick up the Equipment. In case the Equipment has not been picked up at the end of the pickup period, the Seller will invoice to buyer for the incurring storage costs of the Equipment at the rate of Five US Dollars ($5.00 USD) per day.

Things to Consider Before Buying a 40ft Used Shipping Container - Pelican Containers

  • Delivery

As an optional service, Boxhub facilitates delivery services to transport the Equipment to the Buyer’s desired location. Unless otherwise agreed, delivery services are provided by independent 3rd parties, and Boxhub shall not be responsible for any damages or costs whatsoever occurring during the transportation.

  • Taxes

Unless otherwise agreed, the Equipment is sold exclusive of any sales tax, value-added tax (VAT), transfer, excise, customs duties, or any other similar taxes or duties applicable to the sale and delivery of the Equipment. These amounts shall be borne by the Buyer who is solely responsible for the payment of all those amounts.

  • Neutralization

The equipment will bear markings from the previous owners.

Upon Transfer of Ownership and unless otherwise agreed, the Buyer is responsible for removing all markings and lettering pertaining to the Seller or previous Ownership of the Equipment (including markings on the C.S.C. plate and the Owner’s plate as well as logos, decals, etc.)

Florida - Shipping Containers For Sale - Equipment Trader

  • Customs Clearance (“Domestication”)

Unless otherwise agreed, Buyer is responsible for any custom clearances and “domestication” i.e. transferring Equipment from shipping services to domestic uses.

In this connection, it is the Buyer’s sole responsibility to arrange for all necessary customs clearance of the Container(s) and account for import duties & VAT. It is recommended to seek a local tax advisor to verify any applicable taxes and specific local processes for customs clearance

  • No Warranties

The Buyer acknowledges that the Container(s) sold under this agreement are used and are purchased by the Buyer on an “as is, where is” basis without covenant, representation or warranty of any kind, express or implied, including without limitation, warranties of physical condition (including damage, wear and tear, and rust), usefulness, quality, cleanliness, merchantability, or fitness for a particular purpose of the Equipment, and the Seller shall have no liability in respect thereof.

40ft Containers - Canberra Containers

  • Indemnification

The Seller shall not be liable, under any circumstance whatsoever, for special, consequential, indirect, or punitive damages, including lost profits and loss of business opportunity. The Buyer undertakes to indemnify, defend and hold the Seller, its agents and employees harmless for special, consequential, indirect, or punitive damages, including lost profits and loss of business opportunity arising on or after the Sale Date

  • Assignment

The Buyer shall not assign this Agreement or any individual Offer to Sell or Acceptance to any third party without the express, prior written consent of the Seller, which may be withheld in the Seller’s sole discretion.

  • Modification/ Severability

In the event that any provision of this Agreement is declared to be invalid and/or unenforceable, all other provisions hereof will remain in full force and effect. No modification of this Agreement, or any part thereof, shall be valid and binding upon the Seller unless previously agreed to in writing by the Seller in each instance.

  • Entire Agreement

This Agreement, together with any applicable Invoice, Release Confirmation, or any other documentation issued by the Seller to the Buyer shall constitute the full and complete understanding of the Parties hereto. In case of a conflict between any terms and conditions included in an invoice, release confirmation or other documentation issued by the Seller, and the terms and conditions of this Agreement, the terms, and conditions of this Agreement shall prevail.

  • Law and jurisdiction

This contract shall be construed in all respect in accordance with English Law and for this purpose, the parties hereby submit themselves exclusively to the jurisdiction of the English Court.

Buy 40ft shipping container online

Additional information


High Cube Container, Standard Container

New Or Used

New Container, Used Container

8 reviews for Buy 40ft shipping container online

  1. David F

    thanks for shipping my container to new York
    i love the services 100% professional
    thanks much love as i will recommend you guys to a couple of companies up states

  2. Nashville, TN

    I’ve been buying containers for years, and frankly its always kind of a hassle. I was pleasantly surprised to see all the info I needed easily available online. Great tool which I will continue to use for future projects. thanks post first class

  3. Kevin Pout in Dover

    The ordering was very quick and easy with a quotation arranged instantly
    The cabin arrived exactly as stated and was very well maintained
    Would certainly (and have) recommend this company to anyone

  4. Trusted Customer

    Very good, knowledgeable help, made things very easy to deal with.

  5. Hunter G

    I’m 54 years old. I’ve collected my fair share of household items over the years. I don’t know what we’ve been thinking of in the past, we should have bought this container much sooner.We opted for the double door model which gives easy access to both ends. Now I can open up both doors and find everything quickly and easily.

  6. Glori Mendoza / Chula Vista, CA

    We’ve had our shipping container now for 4 months and I must say it is a joy opening the doors and seeing what there is inside. I was really impressed by the customer service from the staff at postfirstclass. They’re friendly, honest and professional. They lose one star for the delivery driver, who broke down on the way, but the container eventually arrived in good condition.

  7. William Hay / Dayton, OH

    Excellent work, Love my new container. It’s Superb in every way! I’m amazed by the amount of space, the visual design and function.I’m particularly impressed with the price. I got a new 20ft unit delivered for just under $4k!! I wish I had bought this long ago. I was not expecting the process to be so easy.

  8. Kevin

    Thanks for understanding and delivery

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