Buy Apache HH30Z Forklift online 2020


Buy Apache HH30Z Forklift online 2020

$15,000.00 $14,500.00

buy Apache HH30Z Forklift online

This new Apache HH30Z 4X2 is now in stock at Post first class. The C490BPG motor has 50 hp. Due to the CE marking, this construction machine complies with the rules within the European Economic Area. 30 hours have been read from the meter. The total weight is 4,200 kg. Moreover, this construction machine has working lights and flashing lights. The manual is included. The hydraulic oil and motor oil have been checked.


Whatever industry you are in and however small or large your requirement, H&F can source the right second-hand equipment for your needs. Our experience means that we can review your requirements and determine the best and most suitable truck within your budget

What Should You Consider When Buying An Eco-Friendly Forklift?
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Buy Apache HH30Z Forklift online

Forklift Unused 2020 Apache HH30Z

Unused 2020 Apache HH30Z Diesel Forklift, Full Cab, 2 Stage Mast Sideshift – 20200222

brand: Apache; type: HH30Z; year: 2018; diesel: yes; number of wheels: 4; lifting capacity: 3000 kg; lifting height: 3070 mm; overhead guard height: 2070 mm; fork length: 1070 mm; duplo mast: yes; side-shift: yes; air tyres: yes; full rubber tyres: no; hours on display: 9; own weight: 4200 kg; total dimension L: 3700 mm; total dimension W: 1200 mm; total dimension H: 2120 mm; description: vv work lights front; link; new state;


Apache Forklift & Equipment is the original manufacturer of the Myler Apache Forklift since 1963. The Apache Forklift is one of the world’s toughest heavyweight lift trucks, and we are proud to manufacture it. Apache Forklift & Equipment manufacturers heavy duty forklift trucks ranging from 15,000 to 140,000 lbs. lift capacity. We specialize in manufacturing new or rebuilt, mast, carriages, steer axles, forks, and special attachments, along with rebuilt trucks.



Forklifts are a great investment for any business that regularly uses machinery for vital project work. For example, a construction company will use forklifts regularly to help shift materials to and from various parts of the construction site. Recycling companies and waste management companies, as well as many warehouses, also benefit from the use of forklifts on site.

Forklifts are heavy and robust pieces of machinery that can do the job of many men and in much quicker time. They can transport piping, wood, and other materials that are heavy precisely to where they are needed. A man operates the forklift from the “cab” where the controls and a seat is situated.


Many construction companies decide to hire forklifts when they need the help of this particular piece of machinery. However, it would seem a better investment and make more sense practically if the company would purchase a forklift on a permanent basis. Doing so has many advantages:

  1. Your company owns the machinery and has another asset to its name.
  2. You do not need to worry about contacting hiring companies every time you need a forklift – there is one there whenever you need it.
  3. You can use the forklift for quick or short jobs which you might not have ordinarily been able to do as hiring may have seemed too much hassle.
  4. You can train your staff to use your specific machine so that they are more competent and familiar with the vehicle.
  5. You can deliver projects quicker as you no longer have to worry about waiting for the forklift to be delivered.

Some companies may be put off buying a forklift as they feel it is too much money, but many forklift companies offer monthly plans and very reasonable rates on most forklift vehicles.

Not only this, but some companies benefit from buying a used forklift. This forklift comes in at a remarkably lower price than a new forklift but still works to the required standards.



Apache Forklift offers available for the following components:


  • l Engines
  • l Transmissions
  • l Hydraulics
  • l Hydraulic Cylinders
  • l Drive Axles
  • l Air Systems
  • l Bearings
  • l Numerous Other Components

Buying a forklift usually comes with a guarantee and many people decide to outsource a maintenance company to regularly check the forklift for safety and efficiency levels, doing this can ensure your forklift operates properly and has an overall longer life – because it is well cared for. Some companies may own several forklifts, especially if the business is a large one with many projects running at once.


General specifications

Reference nr                                    70134326
Brand                                               Apache
Type                                                  HH30Z
Driver side                                       Left
Production date                               2020
Hours                                                41  h
Total weight                                     4.200  kg
Serial number                                  20161108
General condition                           Good


CE certified                                        Yes
EPA                                                      X
Parts book                                          X
Operation manual                             Yes

Technical specifications


Brand                           Zhejiang Xinchai
Type                             C490BPG
Engine power             50 hp
Stage / Tiernorm       Stage IIIA / Tier 3
Engine oil checked    Yes
Diesel checked           Yes
Leakages                     No leakages
Oil                                Good
Cooling liquid quality     Good


Hydraulic oil checked          Yes
Leakages                                No leakages
Hoses                                      Good


Paintwork                         Good
Sheets and doors             Good
Engine hood                     Good


EROPS                        X
Dashboard                 Good
Driver’s seat              Good
Airconditioning        X


Working lights          Yes
Remarks                    2 work lights 1 beacon

Helpful tips for getting the most out of your forklift battery

The battery is a vital part of a forklift truck. With the majority of forklift trucks seeing heavy use, a battery failure can be extremely problematic. With that in mind, here are some helpful tips for getting the most out of your forklift battery.

The dos and don’ts of battery charging

When recharging your forklift battery there are some simple dos and don’ts that you should follow. This will ensure your battery life isn’t cut short and you get the most out of your forklift truck.


  • Choose equalize charge options at least every 10 charge cycles. This will help to keep cell voltages even.
  • Keep an eye on the power level. When it drops below 30%, charge the battery.
  • Manage your usage. If the forklift has been in operation for eight hours you should always recharge afterward.
  • Always choose well-ventilated areas to charge your battery.


  • Interrupt a charge halfway through the process.
  • Leave a drained battery to sit uncharged for long periods.
  • Neglect the battery – leaving it to fall below 20% charge can reduce the lifespan.
  • Constantly charge just for the sake of it. A regular schedule is best.

Pay close attention to the water

Fluid levels are an important part in maintaining a healthy battery life. Over the course of a battery’s life, the water level will reduce which will expose the battery’s plates to air. This can cause permanent damage. By paying close attention to the water level, and topping up when necessary, you’ll extend the lifespan of your forklift battery. Be careful not to overfill, however.

Conduct frequent battery checks

Getting regular forklift truck servicing, including battery checks, will extend the life of not only the battery but the overall forklift truck’s lifespan. This will ensure that you get the most out of your vehicle and can save you money, forklift repairs, and vehicle downtime in the long run.

A Guide To Forklift Tyres And Maintenance
What Should You Consider When Buying An Eco-Friendly Forklift?


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