Buy Kone Forklift SMV 32-1200 B 2014


Buy Kone Forklift SMV 32-1200 B 2014


Buy Kone Forklift SMV 32-1200 B

Konecranes forklifts are truly the heavyweights of heavy-duty lifting with over 60 years’ experience in producing durable SMV forklift trucks. The SMV 32-1200 B forklift is built on a legendary tough “box chassis”, in combination with durable components and a powerful fuel-efficient engine that delivers low noise and high torque even at low rpm.

HEAVY HANDLING - Forklifts 10 - 65 ton

With probably the best cab in the market in regards to visibility, ergonomic design, and comfort, this forklift offers other various innovative design features that ensure quality, productivity, and life cycle cost. These heavy-duty workhorses are suited for all industrial heavy lifting applications including transport and logistics, ports, rail terminals, intermodal, concrete, brick, metal, wood & paper, mining, waste, and much more.

  • Ergonomic cabin
  • Powerful fuel-efficient engines
  • Load sensing hydraulics
  • Heavy-duty box-type chassis


Buy Kone Forklift SMV 32-1200 B

Buy Konecranes Forklift SMV 32-1200 B

Buy Konecranes Forklift SMV 32-1200 B
Satisfied customers around the world
From Sweden to South Africa, from the USA to Uruguay, from Canada to China, Konecranes forklift trucks are hard at work across an amazing range of applications and industries.
The Forklift & Access Equipment Specialists is one of USA’s largest providers of new and used forklift and access equipment including forklifts, container handlers, scissor lifts, boom lifts, and telehandlers. United understands that having your forklift and access equipment running efficiently is critical to the success of your business. To ensure our customers equipment operates at peak performance day after day, have established

Now Available - Konecranes 32-1200B SWB Heavy Duty Forklift Truck

Buy Kone Forklift SMV 32-1200 B


What are your requirements?
Konecranes has hundreds of heavy industry customers around the world and deep knowledge of heavy industry requirements for forklift trucks. Choose your forklift according to the weight of the material you need to handle and the diversity of tasks you need it to perform. You will find the right lifting capacity, features, and attachments in our range
Konecranes 32-1200B SWB Heavy Duty Forklift Truck
4.50m Mast, Fork Positioning, 2.44m Forks, 32t Lift Capacity, 180kW Volvo TAD722VE Engine, 16.00R25 Dual Front Tires, 16.00R25 Rear Tires, CE Plate

Buy Kone Forklift SMV 32-1200 B online

VALUE When you’re in the market for a spare or replacement part, how do you calculate its value? Is price your only consideration? We all know that you can look online and find non-OEM suppliers offering cheap prices. However, are these cheap parts truly a value? We don’t believe they are. Instead, We believe there’s inherent value in purchasing from the original manufacturer of the equipment. That value is reflected in engineering expertise, upgrades, and new features not available elsewhere. Ultimately, it will also be reflected in optimal operational performance.WARRANTYKONECRANES Genuine Parts are covered by a 6-month warranty and are the only replacement parts that will not impact the validity of your KONECRANES’s manufacturer’s warranty.
Buy Konecranes Forklift SMV 32-1200 B online
Made with heart in every detail

Buy Kone Forklift SMV 32-1200 B

Konecranes has been manufacturing, selling, and supporting heavy-duty forklift trucks for some 60 years. The first truck we ever made and delivered, back in the 1950s, was a forklift truck. Buy one from us today and you will get the latest technology, the lowest Total Cost of Ownership, and a forklift truck made with heart. We claim the lowest Total Cost of Ownership with our forklift trucks, understood as an equation running over a time period of years as shown below. When you’re shopping around the suppliers and comparing prices, our truck will probably not be the cheapest. But it will provide the best value over time.
Close to youWe sell our lift trucks around the world in two main ways: directly via our own sales and service organizations, and indirectly via distributors. In both cases, our forklift trucks are fully supported with spare parts and personalized service. Konecranes has the widest service reach of any company in the lifting business. And our distributors are some of the most respected in the business. Service made easy reduce lifetime running and maintenance costs, we have extended the service interval of the engine by 500 hours, the gearbox by 1000 hours, and the hydraulics by 4000 hours. Our HLL ultra-fine filter system extends the hydraulic oil change interval from 4000 up to 12000 hours. In practice, you will use up to 80% less hydraulic oil than with a conventional hydraulic system.
Buy Konecranes Forklift SMV 32-1200 B now

Buy Kone Forklift SMV 32-1200 B

Customized for your container handling needs. When you step inside the OPTIMA cabin, you find outstanding spaciousness and superior visibility. That makes operating the lift truck safe and efficient, along with valuable extra equipment. The remarkable visibility is made possible by very large, lowered windows with no corner posts, thin but very strong roof cross member, and curved panels. Sightlines to key working areas are clear both in the front, to the sides, and the rear. New EMC Master with MD4 7” touch screen enables a more spacious cabin with its integrated solutions. There is also more space for operating the foot pedals. The positioning of the instrumentation improves operating ergonomics. Instrumentation has been moved from the driver’s left side to his right, above his seat, where it is conveniently accessible.OPTIMA is customizable for your exact operational needs. You can select levers or joystick, mini-wheel steering, lever steering, the driver’s seat, and precisely the instrumentation that you need. The cabin can be raised from the standard position by 250 up to 700 mm if required.
Buy Konecranes Forklift SMV 32-1200 B USA
1 Remarkable visibility is very difficult to measure objectively: you just know it when you see it. Sit down in OPTIMA, see what visibility from a lift truck cabin can be. 2 Electronic Machine Control, EMC Master Full monitoring of all the vital components and functions on an MD4 7” touch screen. Programmable settings. CanBus technology increases engine and transmission reliability as well as hydraulics and levers.3 Left armrest lever or mini-steering optional, ergonomic steering solutions that improve productivity. 4 Ergonomic instrumentationWhatever extra equipment you need, we can install it as part of an ergonomic instrumentation layout. OPTIMA is truly spacious. 5 comfort excellent seat, powerful cabin heating, and ventilation, air conditioning – the driver is provided with every possible comfort.6 Lifting controls – levels available as standard, the lifting levers offer super-smooth touch control at every point of a handling operation

Buy Kone Forklift SMV 32-1200 B

A world of options
Buy Konecranes Forklift SMV 32-1200 B UK
Konecranes invests significantly in forklift truck R&D to be the first to offer new technologies that improve performance and safety. We also ensure that our forklifts are fully compliant with current emissions regulations, anticipating their evolution as a normal part of our product development process. Emissions-compliant diesel engines offer a wide range of powerful Volvo and Scania engines certified according to EU stage 4 and US EPA Tier 4f.EMC MasterOur Electronic Machine Control system, EMC Master, provides the following functions as standard:• Full truck monitoring• ECO-Drive and fuel management• Productivity counter management• Driver log-in (20 drivers)• Auto accelerator/power control• Data logging of alarms and errors following functions are optional:• Electronic weight scale• Mini-wheel steering• Lever steering• Auto engine shut-down• Auto parking brake• Auto tilt-to-zero of lift mast• Drive speed limitation (unloaded/loaded)• Remote Access Service via GPRS/(3G)• TRUCONNECT Remote Services• Joystick with auto accelerator/power controlTRUCONNECT Remote monitoring for lift trucks TRUCONNECT Remote Monitoring service enables you to track the real usage of your lift trucks through a remote connection. It provides you with an online view as well as periodic PDF and Excel reports that illustrate the actual use of your lift trucks. The data gives you the confidence to not only plan your actions but also to make informed decisions regarding maintenance investments and productivity.TRUCONNECT Basic• Safety alerts• Machine status• Average fuel consumption• Average fuel consumption per lifted load• Total fuel consumption• Traveling distance• Average traveling speed• Load spectrum• Total load lifted• Alarm fault codes from engine and transmission
80-Ton Capacity Reach Stacker [New Product] | Material Handling and Logistics
TRUCONNECT Premium • All the features included in TRUCONNECT Basic AND• Tyre pressure monitoring• Shock sensors• Alarm on emails and SMS• GPS signal• Data on commander connect Premium+• Features included in TRUCONNECT Basic • Features included in TRUCONNECT PremiumAND• Hydraulic oil particles counter and water contentTire pressure monitor under-inflated tires can increase fuel consumption by as much as 15% while impairing stability and drivability. Our tire pressure monitor makes it easy to keep your lift truck tires properly inflated. It’s installed in minutes. If you combine it with the drive speed limitation provided by EMC Master, you can extend the life of your tires even further. Fire alarm and suppression systems offer an effective fire alarm and suppression system that can be activated either manually or automatically. When the lift truck is in use, the system discharges in three ways: manually from inside the cabin; manually from outside via a mudguard trigger; automatically by sensors in the engine compartment. When the forklift is not in use, i.e. when the master power switch is turned off, the system discharges automatically when the fire alarm goes off. Other safety options• Parking Distance Control (PDC): with sensors for driving in reverse• Breath Analyzer: an alcohol test unit which requires the driver to take a breath test before starting the lift truck• Camera Supervision System: can be mounted as a reversing camera on the rear of the lift truck, or as a forward camera mounted on, for example, the mast

Buy Kone Forklift SMV 32-1200 B

Spacious Cabin

Konecranes “ErgoCab” is truly one of the best cabins in the market combining spaciousness, ergonomics, and remarkable visibility. The suspension seat with the perfectly designed instrumentation layout and lever positions creates outstanding comfort and ergonomics for the operator. Furthermore, the cabin’s powerful heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system adds optimal levels of comfort all year round.

EMC Master

The intelligent Electronic Machine Control (EMC) provides the forklift operator real-time information on the performance of the truck including full truck monitoring, ECO-drive and fuel management, and productivity counter management.

Heavy Duty Box-type Chassis

Konecranes box-type chassis is a leading design offering one of the strongest chassis on the market. This intelligent and durable frame strengthens the lift mast and tilt cylinder providing offers higher lifting capacity without reductions at high lift heights. This is the foundation of Konecranes long-lasting high performance.

Buy Kone Forklift SMV 32-1200 B

Powerful Fuel Efficient Engine

Konecranes certified low emission engines provide extra high torque at low revs, reduced fuel consumption, and low noise levels. This means they are better for the environment and help to reduce running costs.

Load Sensing Hydraulics

Smart design ensures an optimum balance between the engine power and hydraulic demand through a load sensing hydraulic system with variable piston pumps. This effectively reduces wear of the engine, gearbox, and hydraulics, as well as reduces the amount of fuel consumption and the environmental impact.

Fire Alarm and Suppression System

To increase safety for the operator Konecranes has installed an effective fire alarm and suppression in all their lift trucks. This system can be discharged manually by the operator either inside or outside the forklift or automatically through the engine compartment sensors.

NearGuard Warning System

Konecranes award-winning NearGuard safety system minimizes collisions with obstacles and personnel, by utilizing Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to warn operators ahead of time to imminent collisions creating a safer work environment.

Maintenance Free Brakes

The forklift brakes with continuous oil cooling provides full braking power in any situation. This cooling system ensures less maintenance is required than standard brakes which further reduces costs.

Extended Service Intervals

To reduce lifetime running and maintenance costs, Konecranes have effectively extended the service interval on their forklifts including the engine by 500 hours, the gearbox by 1000 hours, and the hydraulics by 4000 hours. The addition of the Konecranes HLL ultra-fine filter system (optional) also extends the hydraulic oil change interval from 4000 up to 12000 hours, which effectively uses up to 80% less hydraulic oil than conventional hydraulic systems.

Buy Kone Forklift SMV 32-1200 B

Truconnect® enables you to remotely monitor and track the real usage of your lift trucks including hours, fuel consumption, traveling distance and speed, safety alerts, and much more. This is a great tool for scheduling forklift maintenance actions and consequently improving the fleet’s uptime. Learn more about the TruConnect fleet management solution.
What do you need to lift?
You’ll find your lifting solution in our complete range of lifting masts, fork/carriage combinations, fork/shaft systems, and attachments. What you see here is just a sample of what we offer. Standard carriage, integrated forks, side-shift, and fork positioningFork shaft system hook-type standard forkXL fork double coil ram with fork shaft single-coil ram with fork shaft single-coil ram, integral version for shaft system, pin-type carriage with reinforced forks for round cargo carriage with kissing forks for steel handling

Buy Kone Forklift SMV 32-1200 B

Fork and carriage combinations
MODEL NAMECAPACITYWHEELBASESMV 10-600 C10 tons at 600 mm3000 mmSMV 12-600 C12 tons at 600 mm3000 mmMODEL NAMECAPACITYWHEELBASESMV 10-1200 C10 tons at 1200 mm3250 mmSMV 13.6-600 C13.6 tons at 600 mm3250 mmMODEL NAMECAPACITYWHEELBASESMV 12-1200 C12 tons at 1200 mm3500 mmSMV 16-600 C16 tons at 600 mm3500 mmSMV 16-900 C16 tons at 900 mm3500 mm


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