Buy Surface Mounted Weighbridge Online 2021

Buy Surface Mounted Weighbridge Online 2021

Buy Surface Mounted Weighbridge Online

Cast on-site, low cost, robust weighbridge suitable for environments such as quarry, farms, recycling, etc

Weighbridge system schematic and industrial weighing schematic

Weighton offers a comprehensive range of industrial scales, process weighing systems, touch-screen weight terminals, weighing instrumentation, software, and equipment.

Surface Mounted Weighbridges

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All our weighbridges are manufactured in the US & UK and can be supplied as standalone weighbridge systems or complete with software to control single or multiple weighbridges.

We are able to supply weighbridges of various sizes on short and long-term hire or if you prefer to purchase we can offer systems to suit your exact requirements.

When purchasing a weighbridge we can supply either Surface or Pit Mounted systems in a wide range of standard sizes, if however, you have an existing weighbridge pit we can manufacture a bespoke size to suit your application.

surface mounted weighbridge sales

Standard Sizes (bespoke sizes available)

  • 8 m x 3 m
  • 9 m x 3 m
  • 15 m x 3 m
  • 18 m x 3 m
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Buy Surface Mounted Weighbridge Online

Made in the UK

We are instrumental in providing our clients with an excellent range of Surface Mounted Weigh Bridge that are widely used in industries for weighing heavy loads. The entire range has been manufactured using high-end technology and the finest raw material at our vendors’ ends. Available in variegated sizes and measuring options, these products are acknowledged for their high efficiency, accurate measurement, and easy operation.

Surface Mounted

On the other hand, a surface mounted weighbridge does not require a pit for installation.

Instead, the bridge is simply placed on top of the ground, with vehicles entering and leaving via ramps on opposing sides of the platform.

Accessories for Vehicle Scales

Surface-mounted weighbridges are usually chosen by companies who are not willing or are unable to construct a pit as well as those who only require the equipment temporarily.

These weighbridges are more cost-effective than their pit mounted counterparts and also require the least amount of on-site preparation,

However, they have a much larger footprint and their elevated positioning can make it difficult for vehicles to maneuver around the platform, especially in smaller areas.

Superior Performance and Reliability

Our surface mounted weighbridge features a simplified robust buffering system that uses special ‘v’ blocks to buffer the deck against transverse and longitudinal movement. This design eliminates the need for conventional tie bars.

Cost-Effective Concrete Weighbridge Cast On-Site

Surface-mounted weighbridges are robust weighbridges and suitable for multiple environments including farms, quarries, and recycling centers. The concrete foundation slab of the surface-mounted weighbridge is cast in-situ. The design minimizes transport costs and eliminates the need for heavy lifting of equipment on site. With a concrete weighbridge cast on-site, you can achieve a high-quality weighbridge at a much lower cost.

Clean Design to Minimise Dirt Build-up

Dirt build-up can be a problem with conventional weighbridge designs, especially at quarries and waste sites. This weighbridge is ideal for such applications and includes various design features to reduce dirt build-up:

  • Load cells are positioned away from the ends of the weighbridge
  • High rise design providing additional clearance under the weighbridge
  • Cleaning access at each end of the weighbridge

Superior Finish

The weighbridge frame is shot blasted and finished with primer and a glossy topcoat. It has a total thickness of 110 microns. Its mechanical supporting parts are stainless steel and the junction box is made from standard PVC.

How Much Does A Weighbridge Cost?

Buying a weighbridge for your business is an investment, and whilst it no longer costs quite as much as it once did (due to advances in technology, engineering, and manufacturing) it is still a sizeable investment to consider.

Every weighbridge installation is different, and often it can be the installation, rather than the weighbridge itself, which can end up increasing the cost.

In this article, we’ll go through some of the factors you will need to consider when looking into purchasing a weighbridge.

Weighbridge/Truck Scale Load Cell

Which Weighbridge Is Best For You?

For smaller companies with the need for infrequent vehicle weighing or a temporary weighbridge solution (anywhere between six months and two years), it may be best to choose a surface mounted model due to the ease of installation and the associated lower costs.

Conversely, pit mounted weighbridges are often the best choice for larger organizations where vehicle weighing is a more fundamental part of the working day. The pit-mounted design can make the weighbridge easier to use and easier to work around which can maximize the convenience and speed of service you can provide to your customers.

In addition, modular weighbridges can be advantageous for any growing company, as the modular weighbridge design can be extended to accommodate larger vehicles as the company grows.

Surface Mounted or Pit Mounted Weighbridge?

Your first consideration might be whether to opt for a surface-mounted or a pit-mounted weighbridge. There’s no difference in their functionality, but a surface-mount requires more room, or space, around it for vehicles to drive on and off than a pit-mount weighbridge does. We have a whole article on surface mount vs pit mounted weighbridges, available here.

If you’ve chosen a pit-mounted weighbridge, there are a couple of extra considerations to make when it comes to pricing up your investment. A pit mounted weighbridge requires groundwork for the pit to be created. This includes adequate foundations and drainage. If the pit does not drain correctly, the weighbridge could become damaged and require additional repairs and servicing. It’s estimated for budgetary purposes that the groundworks cost roughly £1k per meter required.

If your facility is better suited to a surface mounted weighbridge, then you could bypass some of the costs associated with the installation of a pit-mounted weighbridge.

heavy duty weighbridge sales

Deck Type

There are various options for the material of the weighbridge deck. Most commonly available are two options; concrete and steel. With proper maintenance and care, both types of weighbridge deck should last over 20 years. The primary consideration here is weight. A concrete deck on a weighbridge is incredibly heavy and naturally, transportation and installation costs begin to increase when opting for this construction. A concrete deck does have the benefit of avoiding rust, etc. However, they can be prone to cracking and crumbling through freezing weather cycles.

A steel weighbridge deck construction needs to be of a high quality and strength in order to reliably take the weight of vehicles. Cheaper steel-decked weighbridges may seem a good option, but cheaper construction and materials may leave the weighbridge prone to the elements and the weight of heavier vehicles. Poor quality steel weighbridges are constructed from low-grade steel, have a lesser physical weight due to minimal sub-structure, and they usually have lower quality load cells fitted. These cheaper, steel weighbridges would have an expected lifespan of around 5-7 years depending on the amount of traffic going over them. Steel weighbridges constructed from high-grade steel, good load cells, and substantial sub-structure can last upwards of 20 years (especially with regular care, servicing, and maintenance).

Surface Mounted Weighbridges | UK - Parkerfarm


A cost that you may not have accounted for is maintenance. Weighbridges are a large investment for a company, and yet many businesses neglect the maintenance and end up having to pay hefty repair bills and suffer loss of business when they fail.

If purchasing a weighbridge from Solent Scales, it’s worth remembering that we can offer you a flexible service and maintenance plan which will help to ensure your weighbridge remains functional and calibrated. However, it’s down to you to ensure that preventative maintenance (such as cleaning under and around the weighbridge deck) is done regularly.


There are two considerations for what we call ‘peripherals’. First is the indicator. This is the device that takes the readings from the weighbridge’s load cells and translates them into a live weight reading. Although these don’t have to break the bank, but they are still an additional cost, and the price will gradually increase if you require more features, new technologies, or accompanying software.

Secondly, the weather in the UK is not the best; it’s not fair to have your weighbridge attendant stood outside all day weighing in incomings and the outgoings. Most weighbridges are accompanied by a small building which allows the entirety of the weighbridge related peripherals to be housed (such as the indicator, paperwork, etc.) and protects it all from the elements. Be sure to factor this into your calculations.

So, a typical, high-quality steel weighbridge would cost somewhere in the region of £16k and above, it’s not just the price of the weighbridge deck alone you must consider. As you can see above, there are a number of potential additional costs that might catch your business out if you’re not prepared. At, we offer new British-built surface and pit-mounted weighbridges from our tried and tested UK manufacturer.

weighbridge fraud prevention

Libra Weighbridge Fraud Detection

Every year millions of pounds of revenue in the UK alone are fraudulently lost by customers and the tax payer in the waste and re-cycling business.

Weighbridges are key targets for fraudulent transactions, make sure yours isn’t one of them. Since weighing was invented, people have tried to cheat the system either by under weighing or over weighing, depending on if they are buying or selling. Methods vary however even now the principle is the same scenario.

Here are a few common examples:

Driver Intervention

  • Not placing all wheels on the weighbridge when weighing, this will give a negative weight and can be literally Tonnes per transaction, which can convert into hundreds of pounds Lost by you.
  • Weighing goods in with an additional hidden water tank then letting the water go as they travel to tip. You have just paid for X amount of water, on top of the product price.
  • Driver and or passengers alighting cab, to their advantage either on weighing in or weighing out.
  • Driver using a different trailer with a weight difference to his advantage, when he is pre-set up on the Tare weight system. Assuming he only weighs when full-on Gross weighing.

Operator Intervention

  • Manipulation of weight in the software system.
  • Manipulation of weight on the Indicator can be done easily on a manual weight input on the keyboard.
  • Manipulation of the weight, using a device such as a transducer or variable resistor, etc.

The operator intervention would normally require an agreement with the client/customer, his payday would usually depend on that, however not always.

There are more sophisticated ways to fraud the weighing transactions, however we have been asked not to disclose these, for obvious reasons.

weighbridge access control

Overcoming Weighbridge Fraud

We have developed systems that combat the above scenarios and others.

Photo electric cells, placed strategically will ensure the vehicle is encapsulated on the weighbridge before it will allow weighing. No wheels can be placed off the weighbridge. If the sensor beam is broken an alarm will sound and or a warning will appear.

Weight movement: If the weight changes following the initial grabbed weight input an alarm will sound and warnings will appear, this could be personnel leaving the cab or other personnel walking on the weighbridge, etc. The weight will be re-checked automatically.

Non-Manipulation: Weights can not be manipulated on our Indicators or Software systems. Either internally or Externally. Libra ANPR cameras and systems can automatically weigh vehicles in and out registering all transactions and recording all vehicle activities on the weighbridge. An operator is not required when fully implemented. Manual entry can be accessed at the administrator level if required.

Multiple Cameras: The ANPR systems can match up rear registration plates on trailers to the front plates if required. The system will also capture vehicle and trailer ID to make sure trailers or cabs have not had registration plate changes. other non-fixed cameras can be linked to the system on the route to the tipping area for example. These cameras use motion detection and will record whilst there is movement present.

Signage: We Include signs to inform drivers and personnel of your rules for weighing. Example: please stay in a cab for the weighing process at all times. “Only enter or leave the weighbridge on a Green light.”, “Smile as you’re on camera”, “ANPR for your safety”. Just the presence of signage will put even the most resourceful amongst us off, however it will unwittingly, make them find another victim.



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